LinkedIn Page Growth: A Sneaky Strategy

December 13, 2022

☝️ are all statements that I used to believe.

I mean, why try to fight the algorithm?

If LinkedIn wants you to post from your personal profile, you

WRONG says Mikhail Myzgin of Slice.

Let’s find out why…

Why You Should Grow Your LinkedIn Page

If you are in B2B... your customers are on LinkedIn.

It's a great place to keep in touch with customers and connect with new ones. You can use LinkedIn to showcase your brand, provide valuable information about your business, and grow your network.

The more people you have following your LinkedIn Page, the better off you are. Linkedin's algorithms will help promote content from accounts with more followers and active users on the site.

It takes some time to grow a LinkedIn page organically, but it's worth the effort. With these tactics, your LinkedIn page growth rate should skyrocket over time.

Again, if you are in B2B... your game is cheap impressions. The more, cheap impressions you can get for your brand, the more you grow. As 95% of your buyers are not in the market at any one time, you need them to know who you are when they do come to buy.

And how do you do this?

Through a brand new metric called: targeted, positive impressions.

E.g. the number of times your B2B brand positively impacts your ideal.

More targeted, positive impressions, more pipeline... more cash.

The Sneaky Strategy for LinkedIn Page Growth

Traditionally, there are many ways to grow your LinkedIn Page organically.

One tactic is to post from your personal profile... and always tag your Page. Especially if you have a podcast: you tag your page in each post... and then also post from your Page, and tag your guests... in theory, they will share.

Here is an example from

linkedin page growth

This immediately exposed our page (and therefore our brand) to his audience.

Another method is to ask clients, customers, colleagues, friends, family members, and anyone you know well enough to connect with them on LinkedIn. It takes time and effort but will pay off in the long run.

However, this
is completely different. It involves creating engagement with your audience through thought-provoking, controversial content.

Engagement is the most effective way to increase your LinkedIn page's organic growth. If LinkedIn sees that you are getting engagement, its algorithm will prioritise you, bringing more impressions... for free.

Engaging with others when commenting on their update is important because LinkedIn wants its users to engage with each other more than anything.

By creating quality content and encouraging meaningful discussions and connections, LinkedIn users should also see increased LinkedIn page organic growth. It may take a while to gain momentum, but the wait will be worth it.

Rule #1 - engagement needs to be fostered for LinkedIn page organic growth to occur.

How to Implement the Sneaky Strategy

We talked with Mikhail from
of Confessions of a B2B Marketer:

Mikhail runs marketing for Slice, and in our conversation, he shares the step-by-step process they have used to grow crazy engagement on their LinkedIn Page, growing it to over 8k followers in just a few months, with minimal paid spend... let's get into it:

1. Cultivate a deep understanding of your ideal customer

This strategy will ONLY work if you have an intimate knowledge of your ideal customer...

We need to get the attention of your ideal customer, and ideally get them to comment also.

There is only one way to do this: ensure we post questions or statements that REALLY resonate with the people that may buy our stuff.

Without this understanding, this campaign will immediately all flat.

2. Post images to your Page to stimulate engagement

This content can be in the form of
that will stop your ideal customer as they scroll.

Here is an example:

More so, these pictures can be anything ranging from current events to famous people or even meme content.

What matters most is whether it is relatable to your audience - because they'll have something to discuss, to add the comment.

To systemise, this, add all your questions/statements into a Google Doc and then have your designer create all the posts for a week/month.

We suggest posting at the same time daily, Monday to Friday.

3. Engage with everything

To increase engagement on your page, ensure that you like and reply to EVERY comment... the content on the posts, the more impressions that LinkedIn will give you... for free.

Check this out:

Give actionable insight or add value to a subject where you can prove your expertise.

And here is the master stroke...

When a post is popping off (this may only happen once every 10 posts, but when it does, it's an awesome feeling,
for us), you simply boost this post with $50-500 to add fuel to the fire.

You have already proven that this content resonates... so your cost per click, comment and impression will be VERY low, getting you those positive target impressions for VERY cheap.

4. Pick out the best and invite them onto a podcast

Finding podcast guests can be hard... I mean, how do you know if someone is knowledgeable on the topic?

And once you find people, why would they come on your show if they don't know you?

Well, if you can see what's happening here, we've just solved both of these problems.

We now have a bank of people that know us AND know a LOT about our niche.

We can now reach out and ask our best commenters to jump on our podcast (
if you need help starting/growing you B2B pod) to share more wisdom...

Remember, we don't talk about our product in these conversations, just about them, who they are and how they do things.

We will build a relationship with the guests (who also could be customers/partners), and will also leverage their wisdom for more content...

5. Use the interview to generate more content


The full circle...

We can now create clips from the best parts of these interviews:

6. Post the best clips from your Page

According to
, LinkedIn native videos are five times more likely than other forms of content to spark a discussion among users.

And now we have a bank of video content from our interviews... we can then post it back onto our LinkedIn Page to stimulate more engagement.

Especially now that our guests will definitely like, comment and ideally share our posts :)

7. Promote sneakily

Whilst we don't want to hinder engagement... we do want to maximise exposure for our brand.

To do this, we don't mention our product in the actual video or the post... but we can add a little outro to each video to explain what our product does, in 5-10 seconds.

This way, they won't feel overwhelmed or forced into reading something they don't want to see.

It also gives us a greater likelihood of getting an ROI, without getting in the way of us obtaining cheap impressions.


In summary, 95% of your buyers are not ready to buy... so when you do become ready to buy, you need to be top of mind.

By generating targeted positive impressions, for cheap.

And arguably the best way to do this in B2B right now... is to get the LinkedIn algorithm to like you and your business.

And the strategy we have outlined above will do just that.

Get creating those images right now... and hit us up in the comments if you have any questions 🤓 👇

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